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Author: Ann Wendel

Exercise and Autoimmune Illness

Women in the Girls Gone Strong community who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and other autoimmune illnesses often come to us for guidance with exercise and nutrition because they know that some of us on the Advisory Board (myself included) have personal experience with these conditions. One of the most common questions I receive comes from women who […]

Why Do My Knees Pop And Crack At The Gym?

Knee pain and “noisy” knees are two common reasons that patients often go see a physical therapist. Popping or cracking, and in some cases pain while or after performing knee-dominant movements like split squats, leave them wondering if they should be concerned. The answer, as with so many other things in life, is that it depends. The technical term for popping […]

Why Am I Having Sharp Shoulder Pain?

One very common pain complaint I hear from people who lift weights is shoulder pain, particularly with pressing and abduction movements. It shows up out of nowhere, and some movements hurt more than others. Say, for example, you’ve been lifting weights for a few years without incident or injury. Over the past few weeks, however, you […]

How Can I Relieve Tension In My Neck?

If you have a desk job, chances are that by the end of a long day, your neck might be feeling pretty tight. Maybe you even get headaches, or feel that tightness all the way into your arms and wrists. In today’s desk-bound culture, this is not uncommon. People have asked me, “Is there anything I can […]

Why Do Kettlebell Swings Hurt My Back?

We love kettlebell swings around here—and love hearing about how much you love them! What we don’t love is hearing that some of you experience some back pain when you swing. I commonly see patients who have exercise-related low back pain, and they aren’t sure what is causing it. Watching them perform a kettlebell swing […]

My Butt Is Doing What? Squats and Butt Wink

Chances are you’ve come across the term “butt wink” if you’ve done any amount of fitness reading online in the last few years! This growing discussion has made a lot of people curious and interested to learn more, as they work on safely improving their squat technique. Readers as well as patients on occasion ask about squatting to full depth […]

How Should I Treat My Sore, Tight Hip Flexors?

If your hip flexors often feel sore and tight, and you’re wondering what might be causing that, and what you could do to make it feel better, you’re not alone. Anterior hip pain is something many athletes and active people might be familiar with. In order to address the possible causes and discuss solutions, we must first consider […]

Ask Ann: How Can I Train After Major Surgery?

This month’s question was a very interesting one about returning to training after being a living kidney donor: “I will be having surgery to donate a kidney to my mother in a few weeks. The only advice about recovery I’ve been able to find is ‘refrain from lifting more than 10 pounds for 8 weeks […]