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Author: Jen Sinkler

“Girls” Gone Wrong

Recently, the head coach of a women’s national team competing in this summer’s Olympics was quoted in a press release saying something along the lines of how proud and excited he was to embark on the adventure with “these girls.” These professional athletes. These Olympians. These adult women. Let me be clear: I’m not demonizing […]

How To Do A Bent Press

I’m gonna be honest with you: There really aren’t too many movements that I don’t like to do in the gym with any toy I have at my disposal (barbells, Valslides, kettlebells, dumbbells, you name it). It’s often reminiscent of an episode of Oprah’s favorite things around Movement Minneapolis: “You get a kettlebell swing!” “You get a […]

Lift Weights Faster: A Fast, Fun, and Effective Workout in Less Than 15 Minutes

Conditioning complexes are the baby bear’s porridge of conditioning. Some are too long, some are too short, some involve too much equipment and others not enough. Then, there are those that are juuuuuust right, based how much time and what equipment you have available on any given day. A simple enough prospect on paper—complete a […]

Some Assembly Required: Creating Crafty Conditioning Workouts

There is a weightless sled in the corner of my gym. It is yellow, which is my favorite color… usually. Unlike most pieces of weight-training equipment, resistance is never added to this one. The reason why: The bottom is coated with rubber, and we have all rubber flooring in our facility. Operationally, this sticky-on-sticky combination […]