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Author: Laura Schoenfeld, RD

How Your Diet Helps You Achieve These 3 Popular Fitness Goals

You may have heard some version of the saying “a fit body is made in the kitchen.” While your training choices play a big role in your ability to accomplish your fitness or body composition goals, your diet is truly more important than you might realize. Many women who train regularly (and successfully) stick to […]

How Nutrition Needs Change During Pregnancy

Most women understand that when they become pregnant, their diets may need to change. But, exactly what that means — beside skipping the wine and raw sushi, craving pickles and ice cream, and “eating for two” — often remains foggy. So how should pregnant women make healthy decisions about their diet to support a healthy […]

All About Dietary Fat

How much do you really know about dietary fat? Most people have one of two viewpoints on fat consumption. The most common belief in our society for many decades has been that dietary fat is bad for you. It’ll make you fat, clog your arteries, and send you into an early grave. With the rise […]

Nutritional Strategies For Better Sleep (Tonight!)

It’s not a secret: Sleeping well is incredibly important for good health, as well as recovering from any type of training regimen. It doesn’t matter how dialed-in your diet and training are, if you’re not sleeping well, your health will suffer. Unfortunately, even when we make sleep a priority by getting to bed on time, […]

How to Bust Through a Fat Loss Plateau

Fat loss can be one of the most challenging and controversial fitness goals that a woman can set for herself. Especially women who are already relatively lean, for whom losing a little bit more fat can be particularly challenging. While the desire to achieve a certain fat loss goal isn’t necessarily unhealthy, many women turn […]

How Eating Too Little Is Wrecking Your Progress

Many women have a warped perspective of what “enough” food really is—especially when trying to lose weight. This warped perspective can hinder fat loss, strength gain, muscle gain, energy levels, and overall health. Whether this perspective comes from reading fitness magazines that recommend a 1200-calorie-per-day meal plan, or a trainer promoting both a low-carb and […]