Author: Jen Comas

How I Gave Up My Tupperware and Got My Life Back
Note from GGS: We are huge fans of autonomy. We want women to do exactly what makes them feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. If eating a super strict diet and always following a meal plan is something you enjoy, then by...
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My Switch to Strength: The Tale of a Former Cardio Queen
Let’s see… two pairs of tights, two pairs of shorts, four tank tops… I was doing a mental check-list as I packed my workout bag for the day. Yes, I was packing four changes of workout clothes for one day. I...
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Complexes: A Fantastic Way to Do a Lot of Work in Very Little Time
My last several of weeks have been packed full of amazing things. First was the most amazing Girls Gone Strong Event Weekend (where we can hang in person!), then packing up and heading to Salt Lake City where I will stay for the...
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You Can't Be 'On' All the Time: The Importance of Annual Training Cycles
There are days when I sleep nine to 10 hours straight. No, I’m not depressed, nor am I taking sleep aids. When I sleep that long it's because my body actually needs that much sleep. I go to bed when...
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Been There, Ate That: Experimenting With Different Nutrition Protocols
Disclaimer: any personal experience that I have with certain diet and/or nutrition protocols is just that - my own personal experience.  My age, height, weight, body fat, hormones, health markers, training, sleep schedule, and chronic stress levels are all completely...
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