The Truth About Birth Control and Weight Gain
Google “Birth control AND....” and one of the top 3 suggestions, unsurprisingly, is weight gain. Weight gain has long been a belief and fear of women seeking contraception, partially due to its development history. When first formulated, contraceptives had larger...
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Fat Loss For New Moms
The weeks and months after baby are some of the most intense of the human experience. Sleep deprivation, sky high emotions ranging from sheer terror to sheer joy, and the surreal experience of trying to make your peace with a...
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The Guide To Managing Menopausal Symptoms
Menopause, aka “the change” (BTW: who thought of calling it that, anyway?!), brings up a host of new symptoms for women like hot flashes, the return of some old ones like pimples, and a whole new fat loss challenge: the...
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Lack Of Sleep And Hormone Havoc
Lack of sleep is the sad status quo for most of us. Most of us perpetually feel either ‘tired and wired’ (can’t fall asleep at night), OR ‘wiped out yet waking’ (tired, but have a hard time sleeping through the night,...
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Seriously, What Thyroid Tests Do I Really Need?
Before we dive into the answer to that question, please understand two things: Lab Ranges Getting the tests done is the first step. Utilizing the information is the next step. Different doctors use different ranges. A general practitioner (GP) may...
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Hashimoto's and Diet
One of the first things you’ll find when you Google “thyroid” and “diet” is advice telling you to stop eating broccoli and it’s cousins in the Brassica family including cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, etc. But, not only...
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Estrogen Dominance: Is It Always Bad? Part 2
In my previous article about estrogen dominance, I discussed what exactly estrogen dominance means and how it can happen.  Here, I will touch on how it can affect body fat levels, indicators that you might have it, and what to do about...
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Estrogen Dominance: Is It Always Bad?
"Estrogen dominance" is a phrase that's you've probably heard a lot lately in regards to fat loss. While it’s true that too much estrogen causes trouble for fat loss—as well as estrogen related cancers (i.e. breast, uterine, etc), it’s an...
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Women and Stress: How To Deal
In Women And Stress: What Stress Looks Like, I discussed four of the most common ways that high stress affects a woman's body. In this article, you'll learn about three more ways you may be stressing your body without even knowing it, and...
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