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Author: Jessie Mundell

5 Exercises to Reduce Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Pregnancy usually brings with it a fair share of aches and pains. Whether it’s your hips, lower back, upper back and neck, it’s quite common to feel some discomfort as your little one grows. Luckily, though, there’s much we can do in order to decrease those aches and pains, and to keep your body feeling […]

How To Do A Kegel The Right Way

“Do your kegels!” What does that even mean? If you’re pregnant or have had a baby, you’ve likely been told to do your kegels. But, how are you supposed to actually do your kegels? It can be a bit tough to wrap your brain, and your body, around what a kegel is and what it should […]

5 Best Exercises To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

Preparing your body for pregnancy, prior to, or while trying to conceive (TTC), will be extremely beneficial for not only you, but your future babe, as well. Developing healthy habits before you conceive can help to: Increase the likelihood of you continuing on with those habits through pregnancy (and perhaps these habits will rub off […]

Returning To Exercise After A C-Section

I’ll be honest. Talking about C-sections makes me kind of angry. Not at all because of the C-section itself (thanks, doc!), but because of the atrocious lack of education and resources for women post-surgery. If you’re lucky, you might be told not to lift anything, not to drive, and not to exercise for six weeks. […]

Embracing Our Post-Baby Bodies

Note from GGS: Pre and post-natal training expert Jessie Mundell has a very special treat for us today. Amazing stories and pictures of several of her clients embracing and loving their post-baby bodies. Enjoy!   “I feel stronger now than I ever have in my life, because as a mother I have been weaker and […]

The 3 Best Lower Body Strength Training Exercises in Pregnancy

Building and maintaining a strong lower body is important for many reasons during pregnancy, namely the fact that it will help support your pelvis and spine through your daily activities as your body weight increases. Climbing the stairs, walking to work, or chasing a toddler around requires a fit and stable mama-to-be. However, there’s more […]

The 3 Best Upper Body Strength Training Exercises for Pregnancy

While there are endless variations of upper body exercises you could perform, your best bet during pregnancy (and most other times) is to stick to the basics. The following three moves offer the biggest bang for your buck through your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. You’ll soon notice that the exercises below follow a common theme: they all train […]

Core + Floor Training In Pregnancy: The Best Exercises For All Three Trimesters

You’re in the gym, lifting weights, staying active, and feeling fab as you move through your pregnancy. That’s great news! Now… a couple of questions: Are you doing any specific core training? Do you know what exercises are best? Staying away from the diastasis-dreaded crunches and sit-ups? Core training can be a confusing thing to […]

Exercising and Pregnancy: How to Plan Your Strength Training Workouts

In part one of this series, we concluded that exercise and strength training in pregnancy is a fantastic thing for you and your growing baby (with doctor’s clearance for exercise). Strength training will support your changing body, boost your energy, and have a variety of benefits for baby. For me, women lifting weights in pregnancy […]

5 Myths of Pregnancy and Strength Training

Exercise during pregnancy:  to lift or not to lift… that is the question! Or is it? I was having a conversation with a postnatal client recently, and she asked me how a young, childless woman like myself got so interested in pre/postnatal training. She became a mom a year ago and until then had never […]