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Author: Jessie Mundell

5 [MORE] Myths of Strength Training in Pregnancy

There is a ton of misleading information available about strength training during pregnancy, with #3 being the most pervasive.  Are you falling prey to any of these 5 myths? Note from GGS: Remember to verify with your healthcare professionals that you have no contraindications for exercise. All the following guidelines are based on the assumption you have […]

How Do I Know If I Have Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is the abdominal separation that commonly occurs in pregnancy. It’s thought that perhaps many, if not all women experience some degree of abdominal separation and expansion of the abdominal wall in pregnancy because of the growing baby. It just makes sense that this would need to happen! Diastasis recti is actually a really […]

Abdominal Wrapping Post-Pregnancy – Should I Do It?

A question I often hear is, “Should I wear an abdominal binder or wrap my belly after baby?” Abdominal binders are controversial in the fitness and rehab world, spurring strong opposing views. One group says, “YES!” and believes that using an abdominal wrap postpartum can help give the body support and stability through the intense healing period […]

Can I Exercise With Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

If you’ve given birth, whether vaginally or via C-section, you owe it to your current and future health to have a good understanding about prolapse. What is pelvic organ prolapse? In Pelvic Organ Prolapse, or POP, one or more pelvic organs have begun to lose their position in the pelvis and descend or “slump” downwards. […]

3 Exercises You Must Do Immediately Post Pregnancy

As a new mom it’s important to take time after welcoming your baby into the world to focus on loving, bonding, and healing. Getting back to your pre-baby workouts — or a new routine altogether — could take some time. And that’s OK. However, there are some exercises that can and should be done immediately […]

Exercises to Avoid After a C-Section

As a new mom, adjusting to life with your new responsibilities and new schedules, you may be itching to start (or get back into) a fitness routine to carve out some me-time and reap the benefits of exercise. After having a C-section, there are definitely some very effective exercises and workouts you can do. However, […]

How to Work Out After A C-Section

If you’ve had one or multiple C-sections, or perhaps you have an upcoming scheduled Caesarian, you might be wondering how to safely return to exercise after such a surgery. You might be wondering what exercises and what type of workouts are most effective to help you feel strong, stable, and more like yourself again. Strength […]

How To Make Labor And Delivery Easier: 5 Tips

Preparing for labor and delivery is a really interesting topic of discussion. For first-time moms, or women who are having a vaginal birth for the first time, trying to imagine the sensations that your body will go through in labor is something that is on the top of the mind for most. I believe that labor […]

Exercising During Pregnancy: Third Trimester

A common question I get from many of the Mamas I work with is: “How long can I continue working out hard while I’m pregnant?” And I don’t blame them. On the one hand you have the camp that tells you to, “only walk and do yoga,” as soon as you find out that you’re […]

Safe And Effective Conditioning Workouts in Pregnancy

Fortunately, we know that exercise in pregnancy is highly beneficial to mom and baby. Barring any complications or contraindications, you should be exercising in pregnancy for best health and outcomes. But, how hard should you be exercising in pregnancy? And, more specifically, should you be exercising with higher intensity interval training (HIIT) in pregnancy, or […]