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What Is Exercise Addiction and Dependence?

Note from GGS: We get a lot of questions regarding exercise addiction and dependence. “How do I know if I’m addicted to exercise?” “Why do I feel so guilty if I miss a training session?” “I HATE rest days! Do I have to take them?” This is a really tricky subject, and we are happy to […]

The 6-Step Process To Changing Any Habit

Note from GGS: If you’re interested in learning how to truly change a habit, we highly recommend reading through Part 1 and Part 2 of this series from Dr. Brooke.   If you’re not satisfied with your weight and your body, I’d be willing to bet that you are pretty excited when a new diet book comes around promising […]

How to (Truly) Change Your Habits

Be honest. What habits are keeping you from what you really want? Identifying behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts – in detail – is a key step to making real change. Change efforts fail because you don’t realize that you have to be more clear on why you do what you do and how the events […]

Why Motivation Doesn’t Make Lasting Changes

Turn off autopilot if you want a chance at change. Recently, my good friend and Girls Gone Strong Co-Founder Molly Galbraith had a great post on her Facebook page suggesting we pick one habit that will yield big results, and change it. Solid advice, but sometimes it’s downright hard to make change. In fact, I’d say that’s […]

Why Motivation Is Overrated

Motivation is a funny thing. Some days you’re on fire, smashing every single thing you wanted to achieve for the day. Other times it’s all you can do not to just lie down on the floor and stay there. Something most of us have missed is that motivation is an emotion. We’re well acquainted with our other […]

20 Tips For Combatting the Winter Blues

While it may not be cold, dark and wintery for everyone this time of year, it certainly is for many. So we at Girls Gone Strong wanted to offer our readers a collection of ways to stay strong, happy and low stress in mind, body and spirit during the winter months. We surveyed some of […]

Losing My Brother to Cancer – My Journey of Strength

My journey of strength started about three years ago. If you had asked me then why I wanted to lose weight and get strong I would have told you I wanted to do it for my children, so they wouldn’t have the overweight mom who can’t run and play with them like a mother and […]

3 Unconventional Ways To Make Your Body Stronger

Now that it’s become more mainstream for women to lift heavier weights at the gym, it’s not hard to find blogs, videos, and memes educating women on how to deadlift, do pull-ups, or flip tires, on their way to a better body and to better health. Heck, that’s exactly what the Girls Gone Strong tribe represents! […]

30 and Going Strong!

  I just celebrated my 30th birthday last week and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the end of an era coming to a close as my birthday approached. My twenties were a heck of a ride! Gosh, a third of my life and really my entire adult life. College, relocations, career […]

Living In Strength

  Opportunities to build, polish, and demonstrate our strength show up every day in our lives. Maybe it’s a quick moment in a situation where we have a choice in our action or reaction. Maybe it’s literally in the gym, as we push for a new personal best. Or maybe strength shows up a little […]