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The 3 Best Upper Body Strength Training Exercises for Pregnancy
While there are endless variations of upper body exercises you could perform, your best bet during pregnancy (and most other times) is to stick to the basics. The following three moves offer the biggest bang for your buck through your pregnancy and postpartum...
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Detox Diets Demystified
Note from GGS: Between overindulging during the holidays, and people clinging to their New Year's Resolutions for dear life, many people are tempted to turn to "detox diets" as a quick-fix to shed some pounds and feel better fast.  The problem is,...
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Exercise Spotlight: Inverted Row
Inverted row. Inverted pull-up. Horizontal pull-up. Fat man row. Ring row. The exercise has many names, but honestly? We don't care what you're calling it, as long as you're doing it. So what is so great about the inverted row? We are so glad you...
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Core + Floor Training In Pregnancy: The Best Exercises For All Three Trimesters
You’re in the gym, lifting weights, staying active, and feeling fab as you move through your pregnancy. That's great news! Now... a couple of questions: Are you doing any specific core training? Do you know what exercises are best? Staying...
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Exercising and Pregnancy: How to Plan Your Strength Training Workouts
In Part 1 of this series, we concluded that exercise and strength training in pregnancy is a fantastic thing for you and your growing baby (with doctor’s clearance for exercise). Strength training will support your changing body, boost your energy,...
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5 Myths of Pregnancy and Strength Training
Exercise during pregnancy: to lift or not to lift... that is the question! Or is it? I was having a conversation with a postnatal client recently, and she asked me how a young, childless woman like myself got so interested...
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What If We Loved Our Bodies Now?
I’m about to suggest something really crazy. Just stay with me; I promise, it’ll be worth your while. What if, instead of chasing a fat loss goal, we just relaxed? What if we loved our bodies NOW as opposed to minus 10 pounds...
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Women and Stress: How To Deal
In Women And Stress: What Stress Looks Like, I discussed four of the most common ways that high stress affects a woman's body. In this article, you'll learn about three more ways you may be stressing your body without even knowing it, and...
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Exercise Spotlight: Skater Squat
What this works: (i.e. primary muscle groups involved) Glutes, Quads, Core  Why we like it: Because this exercise is so challenging, you really don’t need much else other than your body to perform it. This makes it great for travel workouts...
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