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6 Exercises for Amazing Arms
OK, OK, OK... so we may have been a little sneaky with the title of this article. Yes, it's called, "6 Exercises For Amazing Arms," but what we are really going to give you are six exercises that are awesome for...
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Deconstructing the Deload
Deload is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the strength and conditioning community.  You may have heard people say that they "are deloading this week."  Or they, "have deloaded in 12 weeks," or that, "deloading doesn't work."...
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Design Yourself: A Guide to Program Design
I've spent many years following training programs. Coincidentally timed with this very post, I stopped back at my parents house over the weekend and dug out some of my old training folders, notebooks and binders. I could have spent hours...
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Turn Your World Upside Down
Handstands have been quite the unexpected teacher for me recently. A few years ago I began my growing interest and determination with calisthenics. I had been able to do pistol squats, pull ups, one arm push ups and other body...
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Secrets to Mastering the Squat: Part 2
You don’t know squat! OK, OK, so that’s probably not true, but after reading the first article in this series, you may have felt like there were things you didn't about how to squat properly, and that’s OK!  We've all had...
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Do You Really Want That Cheat Day?
Years ago, when I was a slave to frequent feeding and calorie counting, I had a regularly scheduled Cheat Day. Sunday-Friday I consumed 1500 calories, broken down into six meals, with a 1:1 protein to carb ratio. I never strayed outside...
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Secrets to Mastering the Squat: Part 1
There are many good reasons why squats are considered “The King of Exercises.” Few other exercises have the potential to increase strength, change your body composition, and make you feel like the ultimate bad-ass in the gym quite like the...
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3 Carry Variations For Your Core
Heavy carries are one of my absolute favorite exercises ever.  They are challenging metabolically and muscularly, they are incredible “core” work, and it doesn’t get much more “real-world" than having to carry odd, heavy objects (ever tried to move a...
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Chin-Ups: 6 Tips to Help You Over the Bar
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see so many ladies working toward pulling themselves, unassisted, over a bar. The female strength revolution is in full effect and it gets me pumped! The more requests I get...
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