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The Difference Between Training for Strength and Training for Hypertrophy
The goal of training for hypertrophy is to increase muscle size, and the goal of training for strength is to maximize the amount of force produced with those muscles in relation to skeletal structure. Although by definition, these two approaches...
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7 Best Core Exercises For Runners
Runners, like most athletes, are a particularly dedicated bunch who prioritize getting stronger and staying injury-free. Sure, sometimes they look at me and say, “You want me to do what?” — but they are usually up for anything in our...
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Unlock The Power of The Kettlebell Clean
Who’s ready to start cleaning? Hearing the word “cleaning” may have you jumping for joy… or running for the hills. (And this goes for both the chore and the exercise!) But today we’re talking about the kettlebell clean specifically. Your...
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Why Women Should Strength Train
Do you really want to read another predictable article that offers up three easy steps to fix this flaw or that flaw, look better in your clothes, look like “her,” or finally lose that “stubborn” fat? I didn’t think so....
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Are Deadlifts For Everyone? Here’s How to Make Them Work For You
I love deadlifts. My clients love deadlifts—all of them. Once, when I overheard a woman in my gym say that she didn’t like deadlifts, it made me so sad! Learning that she had small hands that made lifting the bar...
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Beyond Strength: How to Incorporate Natural Movements in Your Strength Routine
If you’re reading Girls Gone Strong, it's safe to assume that you see the benefits of developing your strength, and all the ways it can enrich your life. I want to invite you to explore another dimension of strength development,...
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How to Hip Thrust For A Powerful Booty
Hip thrusts continue gaining popularity in gyms around the country — and with good reason. The hip thrust and its variations are great for: Improving glute strength Increasing glute size Improving aesthetics of glutes (higher, rounder, firmer) Improving performance in...
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A Barbell Complex For Strength And Fat Loss
Complexes are one of my favorite ways to get simultaneously strong and sweaty. Because you're doing compound, full-body movements and rarely setting the weight down, you build strength, power, stamina and amp up your metabolism—all with simple tools and basic...
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One Weird Trick to Take Your Training to the Next Level
“One weird trick to lose stubborn belly fat!” You’ve all seen these ads pop up, annoyingly while reading an article or scrolling through your social media feeds, promising to hold the secret to getting lean or upping your credit score....
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