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What Women Should Eat to Build Muscle

If you’re looking for information to help you build muscle, you’ve come to the right place. At Girls Gone Strong, we believe that what is “right” for you is entirely up to you, and that the ultimate way to empower you is to give you the space to make all of the decisions you want […]

7 Food Epiphanies That Set Me Free

Food epiphanies. Ever had one? Like, when you discover maybe you do actually like Brussel sprouts, or when you realize that mayonnaise is the best condiment of all time? (If you don’t agree, you’re wrong). Over the last three or four years I’ve had several food epiphanies that have transformed my relationship with food forever. […]

How To Tell If “Eating in Moderation” Is Right For You

Moderation, I kinda love you. Thank you for making nutrition and dieting sane again, we’re all oh-so-glad you’re back. But, you see, the thing is, now may not be the best time for me to get into a new relationship. I’ve got a lot going on, I’m going to be really busy and well… it’s […]

3 Nutrition Myths That Affect Athletic Longevity

A long list of concepts and diet strategies target women and girls who prioritize their fitness and health. Of that long list, a few rise to the top as the most frequently cited. Which ones are myths and which ones work magic? I’ve put them head to head to find out. Glycemic Index vs. Whole […]

Breastfeeding: How What You Eat Impacts You And Your Baby

Over the past nine months, you have been preparing your body and mind for this moment, and the day has finally arrived! As you welcome your new baby into the world, the real work begins. In addition to healing your body after this life-changing event, you have the new full-time job of protecting and feeding […]

Is Calorie Counting Right For You?

Have you ever struggled with frustrating weight fluctuations? If so, you’re not alone. Maintaining a certain size or physique over the years is a tall order for most people. As we live our lives, our size and weight will fluctuate based on a variety of factors ranging from stress, hormones, and sleep habits, to our […]

My New Diet: Exactly How I Eat Each Day

Note: In this article, I discuss some of my past disordered eating behaviors. If you’ve engaged in and/or continue to engage in disordered eating behaviors, and think you may need help, I urge you to seek professional help immediately. This article is in no way a substitute for any type of medical advice or treatment. […]

Nutrition Non-Negotiables: How to Have Your Cake and Be Healthy, Too

“Am I going to have to give up the cream in my morning coffee? Please don’t make me. I love it so much.”  A woman once asked me this before getting started with Girls Gone Strong’s ‘Strongest You’ coaching program. She wasn’t worried about exercising, or intimidated by the habit work or her commitment to […]

Your Biggest Hydration Questions—Answered!

You know water’s good for you and that dehydration is bad. Beyond that, however, the topic of hydration leaves many people with more questions than answers. Luckily, we’re ready to quench your thirst for the truth about water and hydration, and some of our answers may surprise you! “Do I have to drink eight 8-ounce […]

The Yolk’s on You: 2 Eggs Myths You Need to Bust for Better Health

We previously debunked 5 common nutrition myths, but when it comes to nutrition, there is never a shortage of confusing (or just plain bad) information going around. Our goal is to help you navigate this vast sea of nutrition information with strength and confidence. Some persistent egg misconceptions definitely need to be laid to rest. […]