Why Do I Pee When I Work Out?
Do you dread doing box jumps, double unders, or even deadlifts because they make you leak? If so, you're not alone. Recently, there has been a lot more talk in gyms about the issue of incontinence, and I am happy to...
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Get Your Roll On – What, Why, And How You Should Foam Roll
What Is Foam Rolling? Foam rolling is a really common form of soft tissue work that’s cheap, simple, and effective, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Strategically rolling your body over a cylindrical piece of foam to create a...
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How To Do A Kegel The Right Way
“Do your kegels!” What does that even mean? If you’re pregnant or have had a baby, you’ve likely been told to do your kegels. But, how are you supposed to actually do your kegels? It can be a bit tough to...
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You Can't Be 'On' All the Time: The Importance of Annual Training Cycles
There are days when I sleep nine to 10 hours straight. No, I’m not depressed, nor am I taking sleep aids. When I sleep that long it's because my body actually needs that much sleep. I go to bed when...
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Returning To Exercise After A C-Section
I’ll be honest. Talking about C-sections makes me kind of angry. Not at all because of the C-section itself (thanks, doc!), but because of the atrocious lack of education and resources for women post-surgery. If you’re lucky, you might be...
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Double Down on Recovery For Maximum Results
Health-conscious people know that fitness isn’t just what you do in the gym. Just as important is the time you spend resting. Maximizing your recovery is key to consistent, sustainable workouts. Working out when you’re already tired or stressed doesn’t...
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Deconstructing the Deload
Deload is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the strength and conditioning community.  You may have heard people say that they "are deloading this week."  Or they, "have deloaded in 12 weeks," or that, "deloading doesn't work."...
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