The Female Fitness Formula For Optimal Results
(Note from GGS: if you haven't watched video 1 of this e-course all about the 4 biggest mistakes preventing women from seeing results, you can do that here.) Once you've seen that video, you'll love this ^^ video where I...
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Why You're Training Hard and Not Seeing Results
There was a time in my life, years ago, when I was an ambassador for that foolish "more is better" approach to exercise. I was teaching Spin at 6 a.m., yoga at 7 a.m., running on my lunch break, lifting...
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How Much Cardio vs. Strength Training Should I Do?
Is it OK to do cardio? How much should I do? What types are best? Do I do it before or after I strength train? We receive these questions on a daily basis from many of you in the Girls...
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Girls Gone Strong's Formula For Looking And Feeling Your Best
Quick-fix/get-shredded 7-day diets… Fast food and junk food everywhere you look… Super hardcore fitspo… The rise in popularity of bikini and figure competitions… BS cleanses and detoxes… Sedentary living… Belly wraps and waist trainers… My goodness, all that noise sure...
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15-Minute (Or Less!) Bodyweight HIIT Workout
Being a full-time mom and business owner is unbelievably rewarding and fulfilling. I get to do what I love with and for the people I love, and I also get to travel often. This also means that I'm often short...
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My Switch to Strength: The Tale of a Former Cardio Queen
Let’s see… two pairs of tights, two pairs of shorts, four tank tops… I was doing a mental check-list as I packed my workout bag for the day. Yes, I was packing four changes of workout clothes for one day. I...
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Exercising During Pregnancy: Third Trimester
A common question I get from many of the Mamas I work with is: "How long can I continue working out hard while I'm pregnant?" And I don't blame them. On the one hand you have the camp that tells...
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What Is Exercise Addiction and Dependence?
Note from GGS: We get a lot of questions regarding exercise addiction and dependence. "How do I know if I'm addicted to exercise?" "Why do I feel so guilty if I miss a training session?" "I HATE rest days! Do...
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Safe And Effective Conditioning Workouts in Pregnancy
Fortunately, we know that exercise in pregnancy is highly beneficial to mom and baby. Barring any complications or contraindications, you should be exercising in pregnancy for best health and outcomes. But, how hard should you be exercising in pregnancy? And,...
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