Fueling The Vegetarian Endurance Athlete - Part 2
In Part 1, I shared with you an overview of what the diet of a vegetarian endurance athlete should look like for optimal performance and health. Here, I offer you my 5-step system for becoming a healthy vegetarian endurance athlete....
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Fueling The Vegetarian Endurance Athlete - Part 1
What do Bart Yasso, Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, Dave Scott, Brendan Brazier, and Hilary Biscay have in common? They have all achieved greatness as endurance athletes, all while consuming a plant strong diet (reports state that Dave Scott is no...
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Complexes: A Fantastic Way to Do a Lot of Work in Very Little Time
My last several of weeks have been packed full of amazing things. First was the most amazing Girls Gone Strong Event Weekend (where we can hang in person!), then packing up and heading to Salt Lake City where I will stay for the...
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The Truth About Carbs – How Many Should I Eat And Why?
In the previous article in this series, we discussed the research that showed no real difference between low calorie and low carbohydrate approaches to weight loss, but noted that low carb diets may naturally lead to a lower calorie intake....
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The Secret Ingredient For Maximum Results
One of the best parts of having kids is that it’s a built in "excuse" to watch animated films. I can often be found at the movie theatre for the opening weekend of whatever new Disney-Pixar or DreamWorks masterpiece is...
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Adaptation, Not Exhaustion
"Just because a trainer can make you tired, doesn't mean they can make you better." The above quote is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to helping a person distinguish between a trainer who knows what they're doing,...
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Strength Training For Fat Loss
There is a lot of debate in the fitness world over what type of exercise is best for fat loss.  But my question is: why do we have to choose just one? Can't we simply program an intelligent combination of modalities...
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Some Assembly Required: Creating Crafty Conditioning Workouts
There is a weightless sled in the corner of my gym. It is yellow, which is my favorite color… usually. Unlike most pieces of weight-training equipment, resistance is never added to this one. The reason why: The bottom is coated...
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Do Strong Girls Do Cardio? The Do’s and Don’ts of Cardio
Note: Today, our good friend, Jill Coleman, gives you several tips that answer your most burning questions about cardio. Keep in mind that Jill is speaking about cardio as it relates specifically to making physique changes, and if you have...
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