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The 3 Biggest Myths About Fat-Burning For Active Women
I am really angry. I have spent my entire career firmly planted in the field of sports nutrition, where the goals are performance-based. In sports nutrition, weight loss is an outcome of enhancing physical performance, not a goal unto itself....
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The Truth About Carbs – How Many Should I Eat And Why?
In the previous article in this series, we discussed the research that showed no real difference between low calorie and low carbohydrate approaches to weight loss, but noted that low carb diets may naturally lead to a lower calorie intake....
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The Secret Ingredient For Maximum Results
One of the best parts of having kids is that it’s a built in "excuse" to watch animated films. I can often be found at the movie theatre for the opening weekend of whatever new Disney-Pixar or DreamWorks masterpiece is...
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Why "Comply Or Die" Doesn't Work For Fat Loss
When I first started personal training and teaching fitness classes in 1999, it initially surprised me that all my clients would also ask me about nutrition. “Can I tell you what I eat and you can tell me if I...
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Strength Training For Fat Loss
There is a lot of debate in the fitness world over what type of exercise is best for fat loss.  But my question is: why do we have to choose just one? Can't we simply program an intelligent combination of modalities...
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Some Assembly Required: Creating Crafty Conditioning Workouts
There is a weightless sled in the corner of my gym. It is yellow, which is my favorite color… usually. Unlike most pieces of weight-training equipment, resistance is never added to this one. The reason why: The bottom is coated...
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Estrogen Dominance: Is It Always Bad? Part 2
In my previous article about estrogen dominance, I discussed what exactly estrogen dominance means and how it can happen.  Here, I will touch on how it can affect body fat levels, indicators that you might have it, and what to do about...
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Detox Diets Demystified
Note from GGS: Between overindulging during the holidays, and people clinging to their New Year's Resolutions for dear life, many people are tempted to turn to "detox diets" as a quick-fix to shed some pounds and feel better fast.  The problem is,...
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What If We Loved Our Bodies Now?
I’m about to suggest something really crazy. Just stay with me; I promise, it’ll be worth your while. What if, instead of chasing a fat loss goal, we just relaxed? What if we loved our bodies NOW as opposed to minus 10 pounds...
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